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Bundling 0.2cm Elastic Webbing Ties 1m Length

Detail Information
Tensile Strength: 150kg Length: 1m
Name: Elastic Webbing Straps Temperature Range: -20℃~80℃
Color: Black Size: 2.5cm
Surface Treatment: Polishing Thickness: 0.2cm
High Light:

0.2cm elastic webbing ties


bundling elastic webbing ties

Product Description

Product Description:

Our Elastic Webbing Straps are designed to provide a secure fastening solution for your industrial needs. These straps are made of high-quality polyester webbing, with a width of 2.5cm, and are available in black. With a temperature range of -20℃~80℃, our Elastic Webbing Straps are designed for secure, flexible, and reliable fastening, and are ideal for a variety of industrial uses such as Elastic Webbing Belts and Elastic Webbing Ties. Our Elastic Webbing Ties 2.5cm are a perfect choice for everyday use, and will provide you with a long-term fastening solution.



  • Product Name: Elastic Webbing Straps
  • Name: Elastic Webbing Straps
  • Weight: 50g
  • Surface Treatment: Polishing
  • Temperature Range: -20℃~80℃
  • Color: Black

Technical Parameters:

Property Value
Name Elastic Webbing Straps
Material Elastic Webbing
Length 1m
Width 2.5cm
Size 2.5cm
Weight 50g
Tensile Strength 150kg
Application Bundling, Fixing
Temperature Range -20℃~80℃
Color Black


Elastic Webbing Straps are specially designed for different applications and scenarios. With a tensile strength of 150kg and a surface treatment of polishing, Elastic Webbing Straps are made of high quality elastic webbing. The size of these Elastic Webbing Straps is 2.5cm, which makes it both strong and flexible. Elastic Webbing Straps are suitable for a wide range of uses, including as Elastic Webbing Ties, Elastic Webbing Belts, Elastic Webbing Ties and Belts, and many other applications. Elastic Webbing Straps are a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and durable product with an impressive tensile strength and a polished surface.



Elastic Webbing Straps

Our Elastic Webbing Straps are made of high-quality elastic webbing that is lightweight yet strong. Each belt is 50g in weight, 0.2cm in thickness, and has a tensile strength of 150kg. We offer 50pcs/bag in each package.



  • Q: What are elastic webbing straps?
  • A: Elastic webbing straps are a type of strap made with flexible elastic material, designed to be used for multiple purposes such as securing items or providing adjustable tension.
  • Q: What are the advantages of using elastic webbing straps?
  • A: Elastic webbing straps offer strong and secure fastenings, allowing for adjustable tension and a snug fit which prevents slipping or bunching. They are also lightweight and easy to use.
  • Q: What are the applications of elastic webbing straps?
  • A: Elastic webbing straps are widely used in a variety of applications such as luggage straps, sporting equipment, backpacks, purses and more.
  • Q: What materials are used to make elastic webbing straps?
  • A: Elastic webbing straps are typically made from polyester or nylon, however, other materials such as leather, cotton, and polypropylene can also be used.
  • Q: Are elastic webbing straps durable?
  • A: Yes, elastic webbing straps are strong and highly durable, designed to withstand heavy wear and tear.

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